Wide range of plastic purging compounds and plastic materials.
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PVC Additives

Ritwin Polytech deals In unique range of Plastic chemicals & Additives Specific to PVC Pipe & Profile, CPVC Pipes & Fittings, Window & Door profile, Cable Industries & Paint and coating Industries.

We deal a diversified product range of Plastic chemicals & Additives Even We are able to select suitable raw material, chemicals & Additives as per the customer requirement & Applications. Also support any kind of technical in terms of process ,Quality & project.

Core Support In formulation of PVC Profile, Pipe & Fittings (UPVC), PVC Electrical Conduits, Window & Door Profile, Cable Duct ( PVC ) also In CPVC Pipes & Fittings as per ASTM & IS standard.

1) Calcium Carbonate :
Deals In imported Grade
Application : UPVC Pipe, Rigid PVC profile, PVC Compound, Cable & wires, Masterbatched , Paint & Coating & Others.
2) Acrylic Processing Aids For Vinyl Application :
Imported Grade – PVC Profile & Pipe and CPVC pipe & fitting
3)Titantanium Dio-Oxide –
Deals In : Imported Grade
Application :UV Application & Color in Plastic, Paint & coating Industries
4)Heat Stabalisier TIN Based. :
Deals In Imported Grade
Butyl G, Methyl Based, Cazn based.
5)PVC Resin :
Suspension Grade, Emulsion Grade, Low K Value from 57 -60, High K Value PVC Resin, Make Available on request /Inquiry
6) CPVC Resin – Imported
Available on request /Inquiry
7)Epoxy & Semi –refined Waxes :
Available as on requirement – Indian & Imported grade . Available on request /Inquiry