Wide range of plastic purging compounds and plastic materials.
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Plastic Raw Materials

Ritwin Polytech deals In unique range of Plastic Raw Material ( Engineering Plastics ) Even High Performance Specialisty Plastic Raw Materials Specific to Electrical, Automobile, Consumer & Solar Industries.

We deal a diversified product range of Plastic Raw Materials. Even We are able to select suitable raw material as per the customer requirement & Applications. Also support any kind of technical in terms of process & quality.

Deals of Plastic Raw Materials as follow :

Variuos type ,Make And grade of Engineering Plastic , Blended material and speciality Materials.
1)Engineering Plastics : ?
Deals In:
1) Nylon ,6,6 -Grade : Dupont Zytel, Calco ,Polyone
2) Nylon 6.- Polyamide 6 : Imported, Laxness, Polyone, BASF & Calco.
Available on request /Inquiry.
2) Polycarbonate :
Deals In:
Sino plast,Bayer, Samsung & LG
Available on request /Inquiry.
3) ABS :
Deals In:
Enos & Imported Grade
Available on request /Inquiry.
4)Special ity Chemicals & Product.
Grade ; Available grade on requirement Like – HIIPS, Blended Plastic Material –PC+ ABS, Carbon Black & Others.