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Why Use Ultra Plast

The advantage of Ultra Plast purge compound
  • Non toxic
  • No waiting time during cleaning operation. No soak time required.
  • Safe and easy handling. Excellent efficiency
  • Saves time for the cleaning operation. No raw material waste, reduces scrap resin.
  • No smell or odors: does not emit unhealthy gasses
  • No damage for your machines: no solvent or abrasive material content
  • If used frequently, it protects steel from oxidation, making cleaning operations easier and faster
  • All components of Ultra Plast compound are safe according FDA and Certification according to CE 2002/72 and 10/2011 for the contact with food or drinks
Principle of works
  • It is not abrasive and functions with a chemical reaction. Thanks to its particular composition, color, incrustations, black spots, rust and any impurities will be softened, removed and ejected from the machinery.
  • In this formula an expanding and foaming effect makes it still more efficient, especially for the most difficult situations: the machines with degassing and the plasticizing accumulators.
  • Ultra Plast cleans at the temperature of the previously worked material and does not need any waiting/ soaking time during cleaning cycle.
Useable for all types of thermoplastics
  • Ultra Plast can be applied for all type of thermoplastic, engineering plastics, some super-engineering plastics and also medical plastic products. Ultra Plast can be applied not only for cleaning of screw/barrel in injection molding machines but also for various other processing machines/systems like hot runner systems, T-dies, film blowing dies, melt metering pumps and so on.
Ultra Plast can clean very effectively all types of machines
  • Every grade of Ultra Plast products is non – toxic, non – abrasive doesn’t contain solvents, acids or alkaline substances. Ultra Plast make it possible to change colors thorough hot runner systems, dies, melt pumps, which most of conventional purging compounds cannot do.
Ultra Plast is cost saving, reduces down time, energy consumption and waste.
  • If Ultra Plast is compared with other compounds or regular plastic resins used for machine purging with the view only to the initial purchase price per kg it might appear not attractive for the buyer. Considering the total over all costs of machine down time, energy and material savings, scrap reduction, defect reduction, reduced recycling costs and the time gained to manufacture sellable good quality products will put Ultra Plast into the lead and ahead of any other conventional purging method. The cost saving factor ensures the fast return of investment and payback to the Ultra Plast customers.
The ready to use purge compound
  • There is no need of prior blending or any other preparations. Just stop the old production, put the recommended quantity of Ultra Plast into the hopper of the machine, purge and change straight to the next production.

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