Wide range of plastic purging compounds and plastic materials.
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We Are Ritwin Polytech

What we Do ?????

We have wide range of product Plastic Purging Compound , Plastic Raw Materials , PVC Additives and Speciality Chemicals.
Welcome to Ritwin Polytech Is an ISO 9000-2008 certified company ,we are into Trading and importer business ,The company is diversified in the business with four range 1) Plastic Purging Compound 2) Plastic Raw Materials 3 ) PVC Additives 4) Speciality Chemicals.

Ultra Plast

Plastic Purging Compound (swiss make)
Authorised Distributor

Plastic Raw Materials

PC, ABS, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, PCABS Blend

PVC Additives

PVC Resin, CPVC Resin, Heat Stabilizers, Impact Modifier and PVC additives

Specility Chemicals

Speciality chemicals , UV Stabiliser, Lubricants
We Are Ritwin Polytech

About Ritwin Polytech

RITWIN POLYTECH was founded in 2014 by Experienced Plastic Professional dedicated to meeting the International and Domestic Quality Challenges facing the Plastic industries.We are growing the company successfully with Customer requirement specially in plastic industries like Injection molding, Extrusion Process ( UPVC & CPVC Pipe and Fitting ) and Cast Extrusion and Blow Molding with our wide product range.
The Company is based in Mumbai Catering All over india with Quality product of Purging Compound ( Swiss Make) , Plastic Materials and PVC Additives. Also We Support for New Product Development and Trails and Formulation of PVC & CPVC Pipe & Window Profile Industries. Our Company maintain the excellence in product and service.We are Know for Trading Business highest Quality of Plastic Materials, Plastic Purging Compound and PVC Additives even we able to customize Plastics and compounds as per customer requirement for variety of application in window profile(UPVC) ,UPVC Pipes and Fittings, CPVC Pipe & Fittings, Cable Duct (PVC),Wire and cable ,Electrical & Electronic Plastic parts ( PC, ABS_PC Blend, PBT,Nylon, Nylon 66 Application).Our Product Line is one of most Comprehensive for plastic Industries.

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Ritwin polytech is dedicated to your satisfaction with quality product of
plastic purging compound, Plastic Materials and PVC additives .